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The "stakeholders" in training and development are categorized into several classes. The sponsors of training and development are senior managers. The clients of training and development are business planners. Line managers are responsible for coaching, resources, and performance. The participants are those who actually undergo the processes. We at the IISSM are the facilitators and the providers with our two decades of rich experience in the field of Security & Safety Management, as specialists.


Training is vital part of the human resource development aimed at enhancing, bettering and shaping the performance of individuals and groups in organizational settings. It is assuming ever important role in wake of the advancement of technology which has resulted in ever increasing competition, rise in customer's expectation of quality and service and a subsequent need to lower costs. It is also become more important globally in order to prepare workers for new challenges in the field of security & safety related jobs.

At IISSM the training and development encompasses three main activities chiefly training, education, and development that are imparted through a well designed, customised and up to date course syllabi carefully prepared for each course. Presently the IISSM conducts courses in about 15 to 20 different contemporary topics related to Security & Safety management.


Our certification process is designed to enhance your standing in the ever growing Security and loss prevention market. Course certificates are issued to participants on completion of successful training sessions and attaining a desired level of assimilation by way of a course test. The conduct of test towards the end of every course is mandatory. IISSM Certification is not only accepted in India but also accredited globally.

IISSM is an educational organization registered under the Indian Societies Act. It is devoted towards promoting professionalism among security and loss prevention Practitioners and creating all round Security & Safety awareness and consciousness amongst personnel in the related Management Cadre. The Institute conducts various customised and thematic courses covering all aspects of Industrial Security, Safety, Fire prevention & Fire fighting, Loss prevention, Security Survey & Audit, Disaster management and allied subjects at different locations in all over India and also abroad.

Accreditation of Training Institute

IISSM has played a critical role behind the enactment of the Private Security (Regulation) Act 2005 since 1994. Ministry of Home Affairs has now directed us vide his letter No.24021/17/05-PM-I Dated October 27, 2006:

1.     “As far as conducting of training of private security agencies or its employees is concerned, this would have to be organised in the private sector, in accordance with norms prescribed for the purpose. In this regard, the Institute could assist in shortlisting the right institutes for training of private security personnel. However, certification / accreditation would have to be accorded only by Government agency, in view of the national security concerns.”

2.     The task so assigned by the Ministry has since been examined in depth and in consultation with experts and in accordance with nationally and internationally accepted guidelines, a suitable “Quality Standard”, titled “IISSM Standard”, for recommending / shortlisting of security training institutes in the private sector of India has been sent up to the Ministry, where it is now under consideration.

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