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fellowship and csc

An individual professional engaged in the main profession of Security, Safety, Fire Prevention and Loss Prevention services or consultancy for a continuous period of over 10 years is considered eligible for grant of Fellowship by the Broad of Governors.

  • The individual elected for the grant of Fellowship must posses high degree of professional competence to the satisfaction of the Board of Governors. 
  • Individuals who have been granted Fellowship may suffix “FISM” after their names as professional qualification.
  • The Board of Governors or a committee appointed by the Board of Governors for the purpose, consider grant of honorary Fellowship from time to time, to eminent professionals and retired public servants who have notable contribution towards security profession.
  • Fellowship of the Institute is strictly by invitation and not by application. Any two patrons, founders or fellow members (one of whom must be a Governor of the Institute) are required to recommend a fellowship proposal of an individual who has achieved high degree and excellent competence in profession. After clearance by the Board of Governors, the Director General will send a formal invitation to the professional concerned for joining the Institute as its Fellow. Plaque of IISSM and Fellowship Certificates is by convention presented during valedictory function of IISSM annual seminars.

Certified Security and Safety Consultant (CSC)

An individual professional engaged in the main profession of Security, Safety, Fire Prevention and Loss Prevention services or consultancy.

Qualification and Experience

  • A graduate from a recognised university. 
  • Fifteen (15) years of experience in the field of security and safety management consultancy.


  • Life time till it is renewed in time after paying dues 

Certification Fee

  • Processing Fee: USD 200 
  • Annual Dues: USD 50

Procedure for Certification

  • The candidates have to apply with detailed bio- data and resume showing their experience-based achievements in six copies with a processing fee as prescribed above for a particular certification he/she wishes to apply for.
  • The bio-data and resume will be sent to any three members of the Certification Board for evaluation of the resume. Chairman of PCB (Professional Certification Board) may choose any three members of the PCB for evaluation of resume of any applicant.
  • On recommendation of the Certification Board, the Board of Governors may grant a particular certification to a candidate straightaway or may prescribe a pre-certification programme to a particular candidate as a pre-condition.
  • The Board of Governors may prescribe a pre-certification course and written examination for any particular Certification programme.
  • The Board of Governors of IISSM may approve any course or seminar of IISSM or of any other Institute as pre-certification course.
  • Individuals who have been granted Certification may suffix “CSC” after their names as professional qualification.
  • In case the Board of Governors of IISSM accepts any application for a lower certification than one applied for, the difference amount of fee will be refunded to the applicant. In case the application is not approved, the full application amount will be refunded.
  • A Certified Professional of IISSM has to attend minimum 30 hrs of continuing educational training every year to maintain his/her Certification. Programme like annual seminars and various other training courses run by IPSA, ACFE, etc. are valid continuing education for re-certification credits. However, Certified Professionals are advised to check from IISSM Hqrs. about the validity of a particular programme before attending it.

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