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Security till late 70’s only meant high walls and strong gates. Security was considered chowkidari or in most of the cases “watch and ward”. Till late 80’s or even till mid 90’s Security services was considered as a “necessary evil” by the management. Now the security scenario has changed and present day security managers have to develop their expertise in evolving innovative, counter measures to address latest sources of losses and prevent latest methodology of criminal activities. Mitigate various kinds of possible risks arising out of fire and accidents and disasters. These books talk about multiple dimensions of security with different perspective.

1. Total Loss Prevention Management – A Profit Centre

Every dollar saved is a dollar gained. Anything that reduces productivity and profitability is a source of loss. Total Loss Prevention Management: A Profit Centre is designed to provide professionals with an introduction to loss prevention concepts and security programme implementation. It seeks to present proven strategies to prevent and reduce incidents of loss due to crime, fire, accident, error, and mismanagement. The world-class experts on loss prevention management offer cutting edge and timely topics and threats including the Internet, terrorism, and e-commerce security issues. The book serves as an essential reference to applying loss prevention theory to creating real-world security solutions.

Price: Rs.750.00

 2. Security Awareness & Importance of Training

Ever since 9/11, the world ‘security’ has increasingly become a part of popular parlance and discourse all over the world. Security can now be considered a vitalsegment in every sphere of the organised activity – administration, industry, banking, international travel, you name it. Has a single decade, however, sufficed for countries and companies to master what deserves to be described as the art and science of security? This volume addresses the question and seeks to find an answer of crucial relevance to India’s quest for rapid economic growth. It brings together the view points of experienced experts on security in various fields. They deal with diverse threats to security, ranging from the traditional kinds to information thefts. While doing so, they illustrate the increasing importance of security training at all levels, involving the use of updated techniques and technology. The compilation of papers and presentations has much to offer for both – the lay reader and the specialist.


3. Industrial Security Management

Industrial Security Management emphasizes the general security techniques and the ethical responsibilities of those involved. The work covers general security management, security personnel management, operational management, public relations and the perils of mismanagement. Individual chapters address topics like role of security personnel in organisational structures, hiring and training of security personnel, motivating them to produce goal – oriented behaviour, building an internal security culture and relationships with law enforcement and the community. The book also talks about the limitations and hurdles in the prevention of crime and how these can be minimised. Written by experts in their field, the book covers almost all aspects of industrial security, including many of those new techniques and developments brought in by computers.

Price: Rs.650.00

4. Security of Bank and Cash in Transit

We all grew up reading of bank heists by masked bandits, whom solitary security guards with cartridge belts were supposed to counter. Two developments have changed the scene. Computerisation of banking, in the first place, has spawned a whole new range of crime, from ATM break-ins to online phishing. Secondly, the growth of cash in transit banking business has put 5000 plus, currency carrying banks on the road round the clock. These are exposed to raids form extremists as well as upcoming criminals looking for new avenues. This compilation of papers by banking security expert’s alerts common account – holders as well as administrators to the new threats and challenges and suggests methods of ensuring greater safety for our savings.

Price: Rs.850.00

5. Threat to Corporate World

Modern civilisation is facing unprovoked and undeclared war from terrorists in quest of destruction. Despite best of our policing and defence preparedness, terrorists are a step ahead in breaching the security cover. It is a serious challenge that we have to face as a united force. Governments, people, the corporate world and private agencies involved in the security business have to share information, knowledge and technologies to restrict future attempts of terror outfits to harm us. The book, Threat to Corporate World from Terrorism, provides insight and strategy to fight terrorism.

Price: Rs.595.00


6. Hotel Security and Executive Protection

To safeguard and to keep the hotel industry secured from any external or internal threat, special attention is needed. Writers whose articles appear in this book Hotel Security & Executive Protection have given accounts and analysed the subjects that may help in providing protection to executives staying in hotels. The book deals with protecting hotels from accidents and terrorist attacks.

Price: Rs.495.00



7. Electronic Surveillance and Fire Safety

This book attempts to highlight advantage of having electronic surveillance in the field of security. The book unfolds various aspects of electronic surveillance that normally go unnoticed. This book helps students of security to learn about the possible threats and gives them an idea of the available technologies today that can help combat terrorist threats.

Price: Rs.690.00



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