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Rules for Awards
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Rules for the Awards Committee in IISSM Annual Seminars

Constitution of the Awards Committee
  1. The Awards Committee will be a 3-member body, headed by a Chairman, instituted at the time / on the eve of annual International Seminar of the IISSM. All members of the Committee, including its Chairman, will be nominated by the Chairman, IISSM, from among senior IISSM officials attending the Seminar.

  2. The following are the Annual Awards:

    1. Best Security Professional of the Year

    2. Security Consultant of the Year

    3. Security Agency of the Year

    4. Security Practitioner of the Year

    5. Private Investigator of the Year

    6. Security Systems Integrator of the Year

    7. Emerging Security Professional of the Year

Rules for Nomination
  1. Only registered participants in IISSM Seminar under way can be nominated and the nominee must be present in the Seminar, except for the Awards of Security Guard of the Year, Safety Man of the Year and Banking Security Bravery Award.

  2. One cannot nominate oneself for any of the Awards.

  3. No person or organisation that had been given an award at the previous IISSM International Seminar can be nominated for an award in the same category in the succeeding seminar.

  4. Each nomination for any Award should be proposed and seconded by current members of IISSM and at least, one of them should be a participant / faculty present in the Seminar.

  5. The Awards Committee may consider distinguished security professionals from among the registered delegates, faculties and senior security professionals having a minimum of 25 years of experience, for Veterans’ Felicitation Award - even if such person has not been "nominated".

  6. Nominations are to be submitted to the Chairman of the Awards Committee in the prescribed format, along with processing fee of US $ 65 or Rs. 2500. The deadline for filing the nominations shall be the end of the proceedings on the second day of the Seminar.

  7. All the nominations received till the deadline shall be handed over to the Conference Secretariat for being vetted by the Director General. of IISSM that the nominees fulfill the conditions laid down for these Awards. The list of nominees will be announced only after the Chairman, IISSM has cleared it.

  1. The Awards Committee, after necessary scrutiny of all the valid nominations, should submit its recommendations by lunchtime on the third day of the Seminar.

  2. The recommendations of the Awards Committee, along with the certification by the Director General of IISSM that all rules have been observed, shall be vetted by the President of IISSM and put up to the Executive Chairman and the Chairman, IISSM, for concurrence.

  3. The awards recommended by the Awards Committee should normally not be modified by the President or the Executive Chairman of IISSM, unless there are extraordinary reasons for doing so. However, the President or the Executive Chairman (subject to the concurrence of the Chairman) and the Chairman could approve additionally any award to any of the valid nominations.

Announcement of the Awards
  1. The Chairman of the Awards Committee will announce the Awards, as approved by the Chairman, IISSM, at the closing session of the Seminar.

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