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Financial Security for Professionals

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Financial Security for Professionals


Today’s professionals are at the precipice of uncertainties of times due to cruel business environments and Jobs may never remain guaranteed. The crisis may occur at any point of time as best of the companies shut down overnight, pushing the people out on the streets to fend for themselves. Under these circumstances, what one should do so that he/she is able to effectively manage the crisis? Thus it is imperative that one plans early to manage finances to cater for lean periods. Even after retirement, many a time responsibilities are not over thus one needs to do sound financial planning to meet the future requirements like make a house, educate children and so on and also have sufficient funds to for a decent post retired life.  


To train professionals on Financial Security and Planning for better management of finances, investments and wealth creation.


The one-day exhaustive curriculum is designed to cover the basic financial security management for individual professionals. The training will be through a judicial mix of lectures, case studies, analytical discussions to cover the following:

  • Introduction to Financial Security,
  • Wealth Creation  through Investment Planning (Land, House, Shares and commodities),
  • Risk Analysis and  Portfolio Management,
  • Tax Management & Insurance Planning,
  • Internet and Mobile banking,
  • Cyber Security and Data Protection.

Who should Attend?

  • Professionals: Young and mid-level management executives.
  • Young Entrepreneurs.
  • Salaried employees, House Wives, and Students.


  • Registration: 09:30 Hrs,
  • Sessions: 10:00 -17:15 Hrs.

Fee Description

Description- 4500/day
Fees : - Total 4500


Contact Person : Vinod Rawat
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Contact Number : 9582026101

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